Kenny Moore's 1st AMA with NFL All Day

July 28, 2022

Kenny Moore II

Indianapolis cornerback Kenny Moore joined NFL All Day for his first AMA where he talked about his unique football journey, his NFL recruiting process, the Walter Payton nomination, and bought his first moment live.

Kenny Moore played all types of sports throughout his childhood, he even played in the little league world series. But what some people might not know, is that he quit football in high school because he did not want to switch positions to cornerback. His senior year, he rejoined the team after getting motivation from a friend, and to this day he is still grateful for that. 

Playing for a D2 college, Moore had a different NFL recruiting process than most other players coming from D1 colleges hoping to make it big time. He had to work hard at the regional combine, had 3 pro days within 5 days, and did not make the final roster cut with New England. But within 24 hours, he was picked up by Indianapolis, and his journey with them began.

Moore was a Walter Payton nominee, and we are not surprised. His commitment off the field and to his community is unmatched. He said that he has always been taught to give, and he wants to put in the same effort he give football, to those who are in need and the Indianapolis community. 

There are several of Moore’s Moments up on NFL All Day, and he got the chance to buy his very own Moment live on the AMA. Although someone snipped the Moment he was originally eyeing, he was able to purchase one that has a lot of meaning from him. Moore is excited to continue his involvement with his fans and community through NFL All Day and Athlete Studio. 

To listen to the full session, click here.

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