Kenny Moore Featured on The Athletic: "Lightning in a Bottle"

December 15, 2020

Kenny Moore II

Checkout my interview with Zak Keefer from The Athletic. Here is a preview:

The dad who’d taught his son how to ride a bike, who’d plop his boy on his lap, have him grip the steering wheel, and let him “drive” the car home from the park, became a ghost. Kenny Moore was four years old when his parents split up and the memories stopped. His dad moved across town. They lost touch. They didn’t speak for a decade and a half.

But that doesn’t mean Kenneth Moore wasn’t watching.

His son didn’t give high school football a shot until his senior year, convinced in chemistry class by a friend who’d been booted from the team to go win his spot at cornerback. Kenny was a track star, a basketball player, a soccer standout, so his first response was to shrug him off. Football wasn’t even on his radar. The United States Air Force Academy was.

That’s where he wanted to apply. That was always the plan.

Read the full article at The Athletic.

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