Kenny Moore Forms Special Bond With 8-year-old Battling Cancer

February 25, 2020

Kenny Moore

In November, Moore made a trip to Riley Children's Hospital to visit Mason after his chemotherapy.

"To begin with he was quiet and shy. He wasn't in the mood because he was going through chemo that day," Moore recalls. "But as time went on, he began to lighten up. He's like I guess this guy does play for the Colts."

The two became fast friends, sharing dance moves and playing football in the hallway of the hospital.

"It's crazy a little kid could go through that so meeting Mason. He touched my heart as soon as I looked at him," Moore says with a smile. "Long story short, we became buddies. I gave him my number so he can always hit me up. He's pretty cool."

When the Colts hosted the Cowboys and Giants in back-to-back weeks, Mason got the chance to stand on the sideline as the team warmed up before the game.

Both times, he wore his number 23 Kenny Moore jersey complete with a signature on the back.

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